Monday, January 22, 2018

WNN Week 2

I contributed by being one of the camera hosts with Vince Espina. Our production value increased, you can tell this by the end credits and with the "go warriors" idea from Mr. Sandrel. We didn't have a teleprompter so our eyes weren't always on the camera. This week I will practice my skills of editing so i can get better with Final Cut Pro. It was pretty fun doing the camera hosts (surprisingly) so either that or school news. But school news can get confusing as not much happens I feel like.

Embedded video from Vimeo at the top.

ANB 1.1: Assess broadcasting as a communicative medium used to captivate, inform, motivate, or entertain.
ANB 2.1: Assess how changes in media technology have affected the accessibility of broadcast production.
ANB 3.2: Evaluate legal and ethical behavior related to the creation, use, and distribution of broadcast content that minimizes the risk of legal or moral consequence.
ANB 4.2: Assess the use of broadcast media to elicit a desired response from a targeted audience.
ANB 6.1: Plan and construct a broadcast message targeted to a specific audience.
ANB 6.2: Develop a broadcast media production that conveys a targeted message.

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